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Testimonial pipin oasis kuta

Pipin Haryanto

General Manager of Oasis Kuta Bali

Interviewer : Ria Sasmitha Utami

12 October 2017

Question : Hello sir, it’s a pleasure for us Timedoor Indonesia to have chance to discuss with you. In this occasion we’d love to introduce you and your business to our visitors. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and could you explain about the overview of your hotel? Maybe about the facilities, rooms an excellent points of your hotel?

Answer : Hi, I’m Pipin Haryanto, the GM for Oasis Kuta Hotel. I’ve been work in at Oasis Kuta for 5 years now. For your information, Oasis Kuta Hotel has 70 rooms in total. We have 35 rooms on the second floor, which have pool view, and also the first floor, 35 rooms with pool access. Oasis Kuta is located in Premium Location. We’re situated in the area near Kuta Square, Kuta Beach, Hard Rock Café, Shopping Mall, and also ease access to Bali International Airport Ngurah Rai. We’re established since 2003, and still going on for 15 years now.

Question : That’s quite a long time! So speaking about hospitality services in Bali, how do you think about about trend of hotel business in Bali? Is it competitive now?

Answer : Frankly as a hotel that’s already going for 15 years, it’s quite challenging. On the last 7 years there’s a big wave of new Hotels developing, especially in South Bali Area, Badung Region, which really make us feel the heat of competition. Usually we can achieve 85% occupancy on normal days but now wreally glad that we can sell 50% of our rooms. Except for certain seasons which we will have full booked rooms. But witour Premium Location, many guests make Oasis Kuta Hotel as their choice for they will not need to ride vehicle to go tnearby tourist spots. All famous tourist sites in Kuta are within walking distance from our hotel. Such as Kuta Beach i5-minutes-walk, 10 minutes to Discovery Shopping Mall, and also 10 minutes to WaterBom Bali, the best waterpark in AsiaThat is one of Oasis Kuta’s strong points that still attract guests to stay and enjoy their vacation in Kuta Bali.

Question : We’re really glad to hear that Oasis Kuta is still the one of the best choice for guests to stay in Kuta Area. So when is the busiest time for Oasis Kuta? What countries usually thpeople who stay in this hotel come from?

Answer : Usually we are full during Christmas until New Year, which is one our peak season. But also in another season, like this year’s Lebaran – Eid Al Fitr – Holiday, we are full booked for 1days straight. The economy growth and stability now makes our business more stable, so we have so many guests frodomestic areas of Indonesia, and also international guests from Japan, Europe, and Australia. Until now, our main markeis for Australian guests.

Testimonial pipin oasis kuta

Question : So not only domestic guests but also international guests love to stay in Oasis Kuta. Hopefully this hotel stays as number one choice for the tourists in Kuta. Hotel Oasis Kuta now i currently one of our biggest clients for website development. Maybe Pak Pipin can share to us why did you choose to makwebsite with us, Timedoor Indonesia?

Answer : Yes, in 2013, around 5 years ago Oasis Kuta website and interneprovider was still being managed directly from our headquarter in Singapore. We paid in Dollars, and still using th.info domain. But as time goes by, we faced technical difficulties like losing connection. Not long after, our websitwas inactive. So our Jakarta head decided for us to just make our own website. We had some period of time where we ruour business without website. It was quite ineffective to sell our services without website. That’s where I know TimedooIndonesia, and met Mr. Yutaka with his new website services.

Question : Wow, so that’s where you meet our leader Yutaka-san. We’re so glathat you chose us for your website needs. Is there any special reason why you trust your website to us Timedoor Indonesia

Answer : So after I met Mr. Yutaka, we have a good discussion about website services and price. Timedoor give a good price for their website development services, so I decided to trust our website to Timedoor Indonesia. And I’m really satisfied with the result, and the most important thing is Mr. Yutaka and Timedoor team is very helpful. When we have complaints, or when we need help, they always give the best services in almost immediately. That is I think is the most important thing which is rare to find in many website developer in Bali.

Question : Thank you very much Pak Pipin, we also will commit to give our best services for our clients. Maybe you have anything that you’d like to tell us about what we can improve for the nexprojects?

Answer : Timedoor must keep up with new updates of technology, and apply it tyour clients’ projects. Please do so to Oasis Kuta website. We really appreciate if you want to add newest features oeven new innovation to our website. It’s good for your company also, so if you make Oasis Kuta website with the besfeatures, it’ll open your opportunity to expand more. Surely other people will look up to our site and refer to youservice later.

Testimonial pipin oasis kuta

Question :Of course. We will do our best to improve our services and surelwill also apply to our clients’ projects. Thank you very much for your advice, Pak Pipin. So overall how do you thinabout IT innovation now? Do you think it’s affecting your business?

Answer : Of course it’s very important. Nowadays there is so many OTA (Online Travel Agent), Channel Manager, and it’s very helpful to do our business. Not only website and email, we need more tooto manage our accommodation. For a hotel with 70 rooms, using the right tool will boost our work efficiency, especiallwhen we have to manage rooms to sell. It’s very complicated to change room rates and availability in multiple OTAs. Swith the right tool, just with one-two clicks away all the rates can be changed and we can save time to do another workFor me it’s better to use technology, so I can do my work efficiently anytime, because I’m also very active worker. Ithis year, we begin to make online community of Hotel Managements in Indonesia. Now I already became a part of IHGMA Indonesia Hotel General Manager Association – and we also already have a website and social media group forum. Maybe can ask for Timedoor’s help later, to improve many things that will still need to be fixed in our website.


Pipin Haryanto

Oasis Kuta Bali

Jl. Bakung Sari Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361

+62 361 753051