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Global Quality

Global Quality Website

Inspired from Japan which is considered to be a high-tech nation worldwide, we provide global quality service. Attractive design, advanced system as well as user-friendly operation have become our specialty in every website we made. We also set a high standard for each of our masterpieces so that you will get our best quality product.

SEO friendly website

SEO friendly Website

A Website is not a Website if nobody sees it. We are specialist of SEO and our experts will strengthen your Website. The programming language that we use to create a website allow Google-bot to be familiar with it easily in order to attain the first search page for your website. Committed to grab your customers' attention, we can give you more selling chances.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive Design

No time for poor designed website. With 50% of people using smartphones, we can help your promotion with our smartphone even tablet adjusted website. Say good bye to unresponsive old-fashioned website and move to our website. With our responsive design, the appearance of your website will remain attractive though being accessed through PC, Smartphone even tablet, so it can attract more customers.

Fast Loading Website

Fast Loading Website

To develop fast loading Website is one of the most important element in recent years. If your content loading is slow and takes time to display, your customer will leave soon from your website even though you developed good design Website and spend much cost for marketing. We are able to optimize HTML, CSS, javascript, image and realize fast loading Website. In addition, we can develop AMP framework which giving user a smooth, load near instantly, recommended by Google.

Easy to manage by CMS

Easy to manage by CMS

Our back-end system is better than Wordpress. You can manage and customize your website's contents without any special knowledge. For each website order, we will make original admin page in which you can do editing.



An important step for us to know more details about what customer need for the desired website.


Signing the contract as an agreement of both parties related to the website development project.


Design phase where we will visualize the website in a wireframe, an image of the desired website.


Programming phase where we make sure every function wanted will run smoothly on the website.


Website ready to launch and publish, and will be able to be accessed via internet from any gadget.



Timedoor provides website development services with price starts from 1.500.000 IDR for simple style website. But for custom made website, we can adjust to any requests of website function you needed, and price will adjust depends on the complexity of the functions.


The process of website development provided by Timedoor Indonesia will differ by the kind of package chosen. For the Simple Website package, the process will be done in around 7 (seven) days of work, counted after Timedoor received the contents needed. For the Professional Website package, the process usually will need around 4-8 weeks of work. The estimation of the development time will vary, depends on the complexity of the functions needed for the website.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of our services provided along with every Website Development project we have. For every website, we make sure that the structure of the website will be Google Crawler friendly, so search engines will be able to record the contents of the website easily, so our website will show the on the search results.


In our Website Development cost, the pricing is already included with the purchase of new domain and the hosting services needed for the website.


For the best reliability and speed of accessing every website we own, we use the best hosting service located in Indonesia, Singapore, Australia Japan and United States depends on your location and target customer.


Yes, you can. As long as you still have the access to manage the domain itself.


Every website development project we have, we will include with CMS (Content Management System), which allow our customer to be able to change the pictures, text, any contents. Customer may access it from any gadget at anytime.

Price for Website Design and Development


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Rp. 1.500.000

  • 1 Page
  • Basic CMS
  • Simple Design
  • Basic SEO
  • 48 Hours Response Customer Services
  • Rp. 1.000.000 Yearly Maintenance Cost
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  • 10 Pages
  • Advanced CMS
  • Advanced Design
  • Advanced SEO
  • 24 Hours Response Customer Services
  • Contact us about Yearly Maintenance Cost
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