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Client Interview – Sushi Bushi Japanese Restaurant

Client Interview – Sushi Bushi Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Bushi, Affordable Modern Japanese Restaurant with A Unique Way to Order! 


Question: Good afternoon Mr. Sebastian. Thank you for your time. This time, we would like to ask you some questions about Sushi Bushi. First, how did you come up with the idea of establishing a sushi restaurant in Indonesia, especially in Bali?

Answer: Okay… sushi is one of the favorite foods in Indonesia. However, not all people can consume it because the price is quite expensive. So, I have a mission to introduce sushi to Indonesian people at affordable prices with good quality. As a result, this sushi restaurant was formed with a middle-low segmentation.


Question: Very interesting. Now, as we know that the pandemic hit Indonesia in early 2020, is there any impact of the pandemic on your sushi restaurant business?

Answer: Well, Sushi Bushi opened in 2019 exactly 6 months before covid entered Indonesia. At the beginning of its opening, Sushi Bushi received a lot positive responses from the public because we offer affordable prices, the best quality, and interesting themes. After the pandemic hit, all activities had to be from home so it decreased our of customers and sales. Thankfully, 3 months after the pandemic we were able to bounce back again.



Question: Glad to know that. As we know Bushi has a personal self-order system. Why did you choose to customize the system compared to the template system that has been used by many other restaurants and why did you choose Timedoor Indonesia as the developer of the system that you want?

Answer: First of all, Sushi Bushi has its own characteristic. This characteristic is called a Personal self-ordering tablet. This is different from the self-ordering system in other restaurants. Therefore, we cannot use the same type of template system that already exists.

The reason we chose Timedoor Indonesia as a partner to help us develop the system is because Timedoor has a good track record and portfolio. In addition, the most important thing is that Timedoor Indonesia is located in Bali. This location is also an important reason because we are more facilitated in communicating directly with the developer of the application/ system.



“With the digitalization of business, We can be more focused on the kitchen process”


Question:  Well, thank you for trusting us in developing a system for your business. From what we can see, Mr. Sebastian has realized the importance of using technology in business. In your opinion, how important is business digitalization, especially for the culinary industry today?

Answer: With the digitalization of business, it is very helpful for entrepreneurs to solve the problem of time efficiency. We can be more focused on the kitchen process. Not only that but through this business digitalization, we also don’t need to look for additional human resources. For example, with the usage of the Personal Self-Ordering Tablet, the restaurant does not need any employees to take orders at the customer’s table so orders are made faster because it’s connected to the employees directly.



Question: Last but not least, how is the service that Timedoor Indonesia provides while working with Sushi Bushi?

Answer: When we contacted Timedoor Indonesia for the first time, the admin was very informative in providing the information. Timedoor Indonesia made the system to all the requests of the client. Timedoor Indonesia also handles the problem immediately if something happens so the work is completed quickly.


Client Information

Mr. Sebastian
Sushi Bushi
Jl. Sunset Road No.81X, Badung, Seminyak, Bali