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How to: Create Private Package React Native

How to: Create Private Package React Native

Tutorial: Creating a React Native Package

To start creating your React Native package, use the following command:

npx create-react-native-library <package_name>

  • Steps to Create a Private Package on GitHub

    Create a Private Repository on GitHub

      • First, set up a new private repository on GitHub.

          Generate a GitHub Token

      • Go to your GitHub settings and create a new token on GitHub here
      • Ensure that you grant the token write:package permissions and workflow access.


Make sure to check the write:package permissions and workflow

          Modify package.json for Publishing

      • Update the publishConfig attribute in your package.json file to specify the GitHub registry.

Open your package.json, and change the “publishConfig” attribute to:

"publishConfig": {
    "registry": "<>"

           Login to GitHub via Terminal

      • Use the terminal to log in to GitHub with the following command:
npm login –registry=

username: GitHub username
password: Token (newly created token using the above steps)
email: your email

          Add .npmrc to Your Project Root

      • Create an .npmrc file in the root directory of your project and add the following line:

         Optional: Update lefthook.yml for Pre-commit Linting

      • To avoid linting issues during commits, you can update your lefthook.yml as follows:
  parallel: true
      files: git diff --name-only @{push}
      glob: '*.{js,ts,jsx,tsx}'
      run: npx eslint {files}
      files: git diff --name-only @{push}
      glob: '*.{js,ts, jsx, tsx}'
      run: npx tsc --noEmit

          Update the name Attribute in package.json

      • Prefix the package name with your GitHub username in package.json:
Tambahkan @username/ diawal.
	"name": "@widianapw/react-native-multiplier",

          Push to GitHub

      • Push your changes to the GitHub repository.

          Create a Release on GitHub

      • Navigate to the releases page of your repository and create a new release.

      Publish the Package

      • Finally, publish your package with the following command:

npm publish

Once published, the package will appear on the right side of your GitHub repository page.

Using the Private Repository

        Initialize a New Project (Optional)

    • You can start a new project with:
npm init

       Add .npmrc to the Project Root

    • In the new project, create an .npmrc file with the following content:

       Install the Package

    • Add your package to the project using:
yarn add @<username>/<packagename>

With these steps, you can successfully create and use a private React Native package hosted on GitHub. This ensures your package remains secure and accessible only to authorized users.

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