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How to use TikTok for your business?

How to use TikTok for your business?

In recent the years TikTok is one of the most favorite platform of social media users, especially between the millennials and z generation. The cause of increased interest is because the public found a new way of interacting with one another.

TikTok give a fair chance for any user to become famous and viral even if you only have a few followers. Whenever in the correct concept, TikTok can help you reach more attention from people.

TikTok video enthusiasts have the characteristics of a dynamic audience. This requires you to be more creative in making videos. Currently there are more than 600 million active Tiktok users around the world.

ByteDance is the company from China that released TikTok. They collaborated with two existing applications, named Musically and Douyin. This platform is the first China app that is accepted on an international scale. Entrepreneurs should not miss this opportunity to help develop their business digitally. Through this article you can take advantage of the information about how to use TikTok for your business.



Tiktok the Latest Business Marketing Platform

Around the year 2018-2019 TikTok announce that the company has officially released TikTok For Business which is good news for online entrepreneurs. This means that TikTok provides the opportunity for a business to become well known in digital marketing platform.

Entrepreneurs have the freedom to express their creativity according to the business concept. Whatever your business category is, it has the chance to be found by more people. Creativity is the key to a successful online marketing.

Through a TikTok business account, you can build your own brand image. The trick is to create an organic content that users can absolutely relate with and also utilizing business tools from the platform. With the high amount of public enthusiasm from this social media, it is an opportunity to brand your business to more people.

Here you can easily find your ideal target market. 99% the audience habits are interactive users, that is why the two-way communication are more common. 1000+ world brands such as Adidas, Channel, Dior, and many others have become a part of TikTok users. They promote their products using TikTok business to target the young adult market.

You will never run out of ideas for creating new content everyday because content creators around the world are very active in making trends. Even you can create trends for your own products. Accounts that actively post content will automatically increase the percentage of the two-way interactions.

The are quite a lot of advantages of having a TikTok business account. Some of them includes users being able to see accurate data content performance time matrix. This means that you can find out how effective the content that was posted and identify the ideal market segmentation because TikTok helps recognize your followers and identify their interests. Through a business account, you can also add website link and contact information for free.


TikTok Business Algorithm for Your Business

For those of you who intend to take advantage of TikTok in doing business, you should focus on the secret formula which is virializing your content video. Creating a video with effects or nice backsong is not enough, you need be able to attract the attention of the audience so that they will make comments, share the video and also give you a like.

The more interactions you have with your audiences, the higher the chance for you to promote your business at a larger scale. Up till now, TikTok has a higher engagement rate compare to Facebook or IG. This is a golden opportunity to optimally increase your brand awareness. However, to develop a business digitally, you must know the algorithms rules of every platform.

TikTok algorithms will affect whether or not your content can go viral or not. Algorithms are the rules that business account users should follow because it helps you manage important business-related information. Starting from the record history of the activity and interest of the users, usually based on the keywords content used.

By using a TikTok business account, there is a greater chance for your video to show up on other user FYP menu. However, even if your video appears on FYP it is a not guarantee that it can be viral but just a higher potential for more people to watch your content. So make sure that your content is always creative and unique to rise your brand awareness.

Constant optimization activity is still needed when you try to promote on TikTok even if the platform already help you with effectively adapting the interest of all users. That is why the platform can directly personalize recommended video to show up on user’s FYP. There are several factors that affects the video appearing on the FYP homepage:

  1. Interaction

User interactions with a brand or business account will be recorded on the TikTok system. Starting from what video category that the audience likes and comment on to the content categories that users often share.

  1. Video Category

The type of video also determines its position in the FYP menu. It is important to add trending captions and hashtags so that the platform detect information about a video and display your videos according to the user interests.

  1. Quality of Content

Quality content is the main recommendation for TikTok to display your content on the front page. Videos should provide beneficial knowledge and convey information to the audience in a fun way. Users have a tendency to enjoy the latest unique information.


How to Make a TikTok Business Account

Creating a business TikTok account is very simple. In theory it seems to be the same as creating a regular TikTok account. We will still share the information needed to create a new account. This application can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store. You can just type the platform name in the application search field.

  1. Download the App

Pay attention to the storage of the smartphone you are using. Even though phones from year 2019 and above definitely have quite a lot of storage space. It is better if there is sufficient space for content storage.

TikTok will immediately displays a selection of videos that you might like. You can skip this stage by pressing next. You can also skip exploring the available videos by pressing start watching. Videos made by other accounts will automatically appear in the FYP menu.

If you have not registered as a user. In the menu column you need to click on sign-up. Press the “me” button in the lower right corner. Then the option to sign up will appear.

There are several new registration options for the TikTok platform such as adding a phone number or email, Facebook or Google account. You can choose social media accounts to connect with TikTok and allow the content posted from TikTok to appear on the front page of integrated social media.

  1. Free TikTok Business Account Registration

Interesting for users to know, creating a new TikTok business account is free of charge. The sign-up option for new users is located in the top right corner of the home page. Select manage account then proceed with the business account option.

Set the date of birth according to company data or the user’s birthday. Creating a pro business account allows users to choose best category suited for the business. In the future there is no difficulty in creating or receiving content. Users will receive the most suitable event recommendations and content. Up till this point, your account has been successfully registered and you can start creating content.

  1. Prepare a Digital Business Marketing Strategy

Now that you already own a TikTok business account, it’s time for you to publish your contents on the platform. Prepare contents that you have previously produced. The video must share a complete and detailed information about your products. That way you get to promote your business digital through optimally.



Integrating TikTok Accounts with Other Social Media

By running a business digitally, users definitely have more than one social media platform. It is very troublesome if you have to upload your content one by one. Interestingly, TikTok has the option to integrate your account with more than one other social media. Up till now, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are the main integration choices for TikTok platform users.

Another benefit of connecting a TikTok business account with other social media can also help increase audience traffic. This method is highly effective in raising the brand awareness and it is not a surprise if  a another party where to offer a collaboration.

The option to integrate a business account is on the Me menu, specifically at the edit profile option. You will see 3 other social media options. Try logging in according to name or email of the social media and same steps for all social media.

  • Instagram: Log in to your TikTok account – me profile – edit profile – tap add Instagram profile – log in Instagram – authorize.
  • Twitter: Log in TikTok account – me profile – edit profile – tap add Twitter profile – Log in Twitter – review app permissions- click allow app – authorization.
  • YouTube: Although there is an option to integrate YouTube with a TikTok account. In fact the user needs to manually add the video link from YouTube.



Top Features of TikTok to Support Business Marketing

When TikTok was first released, it has a standard ads format which includes a number of sample video ads that will appear on the front page. You can optimize your business marketing through TikTok as long as you understand the functions and procedure of the available features.

In order to help you be more confident in producing your content, here are some available features in TikTok that you can use.

  • TOP View

Video content of businesses will appear on TikTok’s premium first look. The maximum duration for a full screen display video duration is 60 seconds. You can display music and videos on autoplay without any interruption. This is perfect because a video with a smooth display is 100% capable of grabbing the user’s attention.

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to create content with the top view feature. This method can help increase the number of sales transactions. Make an interesting combination of the narrative video, visual display, and sound to attract viewers with your business.

  • Brand Takeover

This feature is to help to capture the audience attention with your brand. A full screen video display can definitely highlight the brand visualization. Try not to make the image too full so that it looks luxurious and exclusive. You can also adapt with the existing content concepts available.

Audiences are generally more interested to watch videos with a static and dynamic appearance. By using the TikTok business brand takeover tool, it will only require a video with duration of between 3 to 5 seconds. Both JPEG image display formats as well as recorded videos are supported.

  • In Feeds Ads

Pack your business marketing like a professional TikTokers. Integrate video content that appears in followers’ feed notifications. Tell the story behind the brand in a 60 second video. Content that is interesting and best fits the situation of the audience. Increase the possibility of being share, getting likes, get new followers, comments and more transactions.

  • Use Branded Hashtag Challenge

Branded hashtag challenge is certainly a effectively tool to market your business online. TikTok business ads format also makes use of hashtags. The easiest way to achieve business goals for each period is to follow trends. Collect any information that attracts the attention of the audience, then use it as content material base on your market segmentation.

The ideal content is to be able to make the audience generate a desire and curiosity to know more about your brand. You can provide package of a service or product offering that is creative and expressive. Continue to actively participate in some of the trending hashtag challenges.

TikTok audiences tend to watch videos that are trending. You can add a shopping feature to the content you post and TikTok business user can also invite all users. The purpose is for more people to put attention and be interested to participate in the trend you created.

There are package options ranging from 3 to 6 days to try the branded hashtag challenge feature. The user will get a guide to place the supporting media and how to organize videos 100% smoothly.

The success rate of the branded hashtag challenge is fairly high. You can get an increase in audience activity of approximately 8.5%. Audiences who feel your business is a solution for them or those closest to you, it will automatically provide likes, comments, and also shares. Be a responsive entrepreneur, so that the opportunities don’t pass.

  • Branded Effects

The content is much more attractive with the addition of special effects from the branded effects feature. You can also try TikTok’s collection of cute stickers and filters. It is free to try the various ideas that have potential to increase brand popularity.

In order to allow followers to feel satisfied with the visual experience, the videos need to reach all ethnic groups, cultures, places, times, and visual languages. Make sure to always design a serious advertising concept.



Preparation of the TikTok Business Marketing Strategy

Online entrepreneurs should understand the right digital marketing strategy. These efforts are effective to increase the brand awareness and sales transaction. The scope and scale of online marketing always become a problem for digital entrepreneur. That is why you need to think seriously about the long term planning and concept. It helps you determine your content management activities.

Although marketing products online is not a simple task, digital marketing is proven to make positive growth for companies. The TikTok platform proves that marketing strategies can help reach audiences more effectively.

You can continue to grow your business by connecting throughout the country. Besides, setting up also do not require a certain level of proficiency. Users can focus on the preparation of the marketing strategy such as the flexibility to manage your budget for various business scales. You must anticipate upcoming trends and catch the moment to your benefit.

People are always looking for the latest innovations, especially when it comes to online trends. Even in China, TikTok is able to beat the popularity of WeChat. Over the years WeChat has dominated user interest in China. In 2019, Tower Analytics reported that Facebook and Instagram were less popular than TikTok.

Preparing a TikTok business digital marketing strategy gives your company a clear goal. Like what you want to achieve through marketing such as acquiring new customers, increasing sales, branding product to be better known to the public, and many others.

Digital business marketing is constantly increasing and making a difference. Many big brands around the world do not hesitate create a business account in TikTok and follow the trends to build relations with other users and followers.

Majority users of TikTok are from the age range of 16-25 years old. This percentage can reach to 50% of the total users. You can get a better impact when you are able to invite a few influencers to collaborate. Here are the secret elements that can boost your business profits.

  • Popular Hashtags

Adding a popular TikTok hashtag is one of the secret strategies to increase business profits. The addition of popular hashtags makes it easier for your audience to find your video. This fact is also acknowledged by the platform where they claimed that a hashtag is a piece of information.

Through this information, it could help the platform to easier recommend according to users interest. It is better to choose hashtags that are related to your business . This method helps the video appear on other people’s FYP menu. You can also add the hashtag #FYP or #ForYouPage, #viral.

Information on trending hashtags can be check on the discover menu. Like in 2021, one of the most popular hashtags is make up tutorials, education, prank, trending, recipes, fashion, best videos, explore, show your beauty and many others. You just need adjust to the concept of video content.

In order to lure more followers come and watch. Add a more specific hashtag, for example hashtag #(brand name)newcollection. That way followers and other audiences will immediately know your brand promo.

  • Caption

TikTok is not a platform that prioritizes captions. Therefore, it is better to make a short and unique caption. Make sure that the TikTok business caption is able to describe the content of the video. Sentences that provoke curiosity will make the audience watch until the end. In fact, a few of the users could even share the content.

Creating a caption for video content needs to provoke curiosity. For example, you can add the caption “wait for next part” or “wait for part 2”. The goal is to make the audience wait for what surprises from the video you make.

  • Location

Location is also an important algorithm for the success of TikTok’s marketing. Generally, platforms recommend videos on the FYP menu according to where the user lives. This method deals with calculating user’s proximity and the business. Make sure not to forget the TikTok location tag every time you post a video so that the audience engagement is accurate and reaches the target market. The language that user choose also becomes a preference for the platform recognize your origin country.

  • Backsong

Choosing a trending song on TikTok can automatically make more people watch your content. Song is also an important factor in TikTok’s algorithm. A well picked backsong for promoting your product can go viral on top search content the platform. The algorithmic system will calculate how many videos are watch, share, and appear on people’s FYP.

  • Interactive

An interesting post certainly draws a reaction from the audience to comment, like, or question about business or products. Interactive communication with followers or new audience is the way of success. Make sure to always answer some of the top comments on your content.

Frequent interaction with audience can increase engagement of the TikTok business account. Just reply to the most relevant comments and questions such as giving answers that better explain the positive side of your service or product.

Efforts to build brand awareness can also be providing comments or answers on other users’ posts. The more likes and comments you have, the better your TikTok business profile will be. With constant interaction with users, it is not impossible for your brand to rank at the top.



Successful TikTok Business Ideas to Boost Profits

Boosting online sales profit can be helped with creatively choosing content ideas and concepts. Finding TikTok business content creative ideas is similar to looking for inspiration for a blog. There are now plenty of sources for trending ideas such as Google Trends, Ubersuggest, BuzzFeed, Trendmap, Moz Content, and many others.

That way you will be able to find out more about the hype keyword trends. Select keywords that are most relevant to the needs of business product promotion, then apply it to the video content ideas. You can also ask your followers questions such as creating a poll on social media or asking a question at the end of a video.

The main content idea should be related to product launching, tutorials, and challenges. If you have a large number of followers, you should continue to lead the market by creating new trends. Take advantage of the opportunities to increase company profits by being active and dynamic. Here are some creative ideas for your TikTok marketing strategies.

  • Collaboration with Influencers

Influencers are users TikTok with a large number of followers. Whatever the influencers do, their followers usually tend to follow and imitate too. This fact make entrepreneurs believe that collaborating with influencers is effective.

Nearly 90% of digital entrepreneurs have collaborations with influencers. An influencer can either be a public figure, model, artist, singer, and many others. Choose talents who have the same image and vision as your company because the main purpose of this collaboration is to promote your product or service.

  • Using TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads is an opportunity for you to advertise to a larger audience. There are a variety of advertising options with an affordable price range. Determine which type of marketing best suits the brand’s needs.

In-Feed-Ads displays ads on other user’s feed scroll pages. In Indonesia, this type of advertisement is quite popular between MSME (Micro Small Medium Enterprises). Besides budget for post ads is more affordable and the promotion is accurate to the target market. Ads are only accepted by audiences with similar interests.

At first glance, the way In-Feed-Ads works is the same as advertising on other social media. TikTok Ads is able to study user behavior up to the last 15 days. For those of you who are interested in placing exclusive TikTok ads, it is also worth trying the Brand Takeover option. Ads will appear once a day, at the beginning of the user opening the app. Ads display varies, it can be in the form of images, GIFs, or videos.

You can create custom filters containing product information. The offer was provided by TikTok through the Branded Effect ads option including the promotions for hashtag challenges to become a trend. The way the Promotes Hashtag Challenge works is through inviting users to do the challenge.

  • Consistent Video Content Posting

Consistency of posting video content TikTok is very important. Especially when you already have followers. Followers will immediately see the video on their FYP page. The more reactions to your content, the higher the potential for the platform to recommend it to other users. Schedule regular times for posting the latest content so that you can achieve your goals.

TikTok accounts that actively post content have the potential to increase user engagement. The platform always appreciates the consistency of creators in producing quality videos. This step requires an unyielding attitude from the business owner.

  • Creating a Trend Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag Challenge TikTok is an interesting idea that you should try. There have been many successful challenges that helped increase sales. An example is the Guess’ challenge in my denim, which has successfully invited hundreds of millions of users. Users bought a denim collection from Guess so they could do this trend challenge.

By implementing the promotion challenge, it requires an interesting concept. The goal is to make users feel enthusiastic and try the trend challenge.




Even though TikTok is relatively new, there is a lot of potential. Most online entrepreneurs, international brands, and even local brands will not hesitate to become users of the platform. It can also be seen that promoting products through rival platform such Facebook and Instagram is also effective.

You can market the business without spending a big budget. This will absolutely help MSME or someone who start own business. TikTok business always offers flexibility service and allow users to determine their segmentation and target market. The consistency and courage of entrepreneurs are the foundation for the success of marketing products.

In the future, it will be easier for you to market your products and services throughout your country. Take advantage of information from analysis data and analysis followers. The platform brings together creativity and economical planning. Of the many content ideas that articles provide, which content marketing idea do you think suits you best? Good luck exploring.