May 6, 2024 • Our Work • by Yutaka Tokunaga

Timedoor 10th Anniversary

Timedoor 10th Anniversary

Timedoor 10th Anniversary Festival

We had an event exclusively for Timedoor associates, and nearly 1500 people joined us. It’s been a culmination of these incredible 10 years, supported by beloved employees, their families, clients, students, partners, and friends.

– We looked back at the past 10 years together

– Honored employees with 10 years of service

– Surprised me with heartfelt videos and gifts from the staff

– Showcased Academy students’ works

– Ended with a grand chorus.

I couldn’t hold back tears of joy.

Ten years ago, I came to this country with nothing. It’s thanks to all the Timedoor employees, loyal customers, supportive partners, and friends that I’ve become the president of such an amazing company. There were many days of struggle and sleepless nights, but meeting days like today feels like a miracle, making everything worthwhile.

I never imagined staying in this country for 10 years, but now, I want to dedicate myself to making everyone who helped me happy and contributing to Indonesian society.

Lastly, I shared the Day 1 spirit with all employees. Let’s never forget the feeling of starting in a small, rundown house with nothing, and the excitement of boarding the Timedoor pirate ship on day one. We are a venture and challengers, and today marks the start of the next 10 years’ Day 1.

We aim to become Indonesia’s No.1 IT, education, and talent startup that everyone knows, enriching our employees, customers, and society with happiness and prosperity. Team Timedoor begins a new Day 1 on this journey.

Thank you for your continued support. Truly, thank you for the past 10 years.


PT. Timedoor Indonesia 

CEO, Yutaka Tokunaga