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Do You Know The Pros and Cons of a WordPress Website?

Do You Know The Pros and Cons of a WordPress Website?

Digital world innovation continues to experience significant progress. These developments and innovations require consistency in order to achieve targets expectations. One of the blogging platforms that is proving a positive change is WordPress. If you ask what is the biggest CMS or Content Management System on the market today? The answer is definitely WP.

This platform is even used by almost half of the internet industry users. Every time you want to develop a digital business, the website developer will first provide WP as a recommendation to the clients. I will explain the complete information about WordPress through this article. Make sure you read the article to the end, check it out!



History of WordPress You Need to Know

Website users around the world have an interest in the WordPress Content Management System. This enthusiasm is evidenced by the increasing percentage of users from year to year. Basically, CMS is an application based system inside online websites.

CMS users have the opportunity to manage the website independently. Starting from creating content, publishing, and even optimizing the website without any difficulty. WP uses PHP and MySQL to help users operate the website. You don’t need to be a programming expert to manage a website.

CMS itself is familiar to be used for blogging purpose. But over time, you can use the WordPress CMS as ecommerce store, portfolio, news portal, company website, and many more. Users can modify the CMS according to the needs of the website.

This fact is what makes internet users around the world interested in using WP. Users are able to distribute the software with an intuitive interface. The process of creating content including publishing posts is more flexible and easier. Apart from the usability and quality of the platform, it is also an open source which offer a wide selection of additional features.


Consistency of WordPress Development in Market

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little are names who have contributed to the development of WordPress. The two developers initially worked on a new blogging platform development project. The goal of the project is to find a way to replace the cafeblog software in the 2003s. The project has had very slow progress. Matt and Mike decided to focus more on WP development.

Early January 2004 was recorded as a historical version 1.0 of the release of WordPress. Of course, the interface display is still simple. However, version 1.0 already has the features that we are still using today. Such as editor features, easy installation, user management system, custom permalinks, comment moderation, and many more.

From the beginning that WP was released until now, the platform have gone through a lot of transformation. Every 2 or 3 months, WordPress consistently releases a new version. Users do not need to worry about finding obstacles in the website management process.

Because there are so many options that can help you out of trouble. Do you know that WordPress has a large community from around the world and they often hold regular conferences called WordCamp.



Pros and Cons of Choosing WordPress for a Website

Many people believe in the quality of WordPress, from small blogs to large company websites decide to use WP. What’s more is that the content management system provides some unique and popular features. This provides more value in the eyes of the user. Besides the fact that users can also download and install WordPress for free.

WordPress regularly tops the list as the most used website building platforms. The platform comes with many special functional add-ons where users can customize each feature depending on their needs. Users are guided and can immediately develop their website without the need to learn programming code systems.


The Advantages of WordPress

User Friendly CMS, very easy to navigate the website. You can manage content even if you have minimal knowledge of website management. Editing and updating the latest content can be completed without a hitch. WordPress is almost entirely free, because users can also choose the hosting packages that are available.

Plugins, more than 54 thousand free and paid plugins are available for users. Through plugins you can customize WordPress and make the website fit the concept you want. There is always a choice of plugins for specific changes for your website. Even if you were to add or remove features, the system still protects the website.

One example of a user’s favorite feature is Backlink. The function of backlinks on the website is to provide the best value. Visitors can stay longer on your website. Because they have the option to connect directly with other content.

SEO, WordPress is also the best at promoting websites. You can use several plugins that support internet optimization. Helping users be more optimal when managing content, meta tags and keyword focus. A free plugin that is quite widely used is Yoast SEO.

WP has all the features for constant code Google index. With the SEO component being able to customize on every page of the website, it helps your website compete in internet search engines. WordPress is by far one of the best platform in the optimization category.

Responsive, the user experience is more meaningful because of the responsive interface. The platform provides thousands of themes in various categories be it free or paid. Overall the themes are very responsive.

The platform also understands the habits of internet users that are visiting websites using smartphones. That is why the website interface is also mobile friendly.

Users have the freedom to choose a theme according to the website concept. Of all the free and premium themes, you can also create a custom theme. The subscription fee is still affordable, considering the benefits you get. This reason makes big companies use WP for their websites without hesitation.

Open Source, the platform provides free software without paying. Allows anyone to learn, modify and distribute WP. Even the WordPress programming code can be shared openly. Users can also get programming codes online, making time and budget management more efficient.

WordPress is an open source platform that provides an advantage for website development service providers. Website development agencies are free to collaborate with any partner. Without being hindered by software copyright issues.


The Drawbacks of WordPress

Now that we know the advantages of WP, it will be more balanced to understand the drawbacks of WordPress.

Updates, for those of you who are premium WordPress theme users will often receive notification of theme version updates. The goal is to maintain website security. Unfortunately this activity can result in a few minor problems. Since updates are very important for the website security stability, if you find any minor problems after updating, try returning to the previous settings. It is better if you check before deciding to implement it.

Vulnerable, the frightening thing for website owners is hacker attacks. It is recommended that you choose good quality themes and plugins to protect your website from hackers. Although users are allowed to add various other sources, we recommend that you use what the platform has provided.

Speed, certain features such as themes have a lot of general code that are not important. This is the main reason why websites load slowly. If user do not fully understand the codes, the website performance will decrease and not function effectively. Frequent navigation is required to prevent the developed website from slipping down.

It becomes a challenge for users to maintain their own websites. This includes developing the website performance and exploring interface designs. All of these factors plays a part to website marketing on the internet.

The WordPress platform is free but the efficiency of the website usage is depends on the choice of theme and plugin customization. Most of the paid features and tools works well to increase the efficiency of the website.

Customization, not all paid tools are suitable for your needs. Users need to compare the benefits and services of the WordPress custom. Is it balanced or does it provide more profit after paying? Many new WP users accidentally breaks the website functionality because they don’t know how to update the WP core. It would be better if you consult a trusted website developer service agency. At least get an expert opinion, when you want to build your own website.



The Role of WordPress for Site Development

The WordPress platform has a very broad segmentation. It is not only just personal blogger creators because companies like Sony Music, Walt Disney, and many other big companies also believe the quality of this platform.

Users can install the WP software automatically or manually. If you want to activate the feature of the automatic website installation, you can have to tick the free auto install column. Up to this point, a website still plays a vital role in the development of a business or organization.

By determining the type of website will make it easier for you to determine the niche and plugins that suit their functions. Types of WordPress websites can include personal blogs, portfolios, e-commerce, and many more. Make long-term plans for your website development because developing a website takes approximately 6 months.

Also determine the main goals you want to achieve by developing a website. For example, you want to make income from WP, write about hobbies, experiences, or travel stories through the website. Or maybe want to market your business digitally. Whatever the purpose is, it requires consistency in developing website. Create an audience segmentation you expect, that way the content that you produce will be more focused.



Types of WordPress Websites

  • Personal Blog

In the beginning WP is a blogging platform that has evolved into a Content Management System. From the initial release until today, all components for the blog are still in use. But the platform consistently get updates and becomes more sophisticated, responsive and advanced. In this category, WordPress is the best choice for developing a personal websites.

  • Business

The next category is developing a business website. You can consider WP for business if you want to reduce development costs. There are lots of free plugins that can support your business digitally.

  • E-Commerce

WordPress is also compatible with the development of an online store or e-commerce website. Website owners can add features such as payments, stock management, delivery status, check postage, and many others to help ease the user.

  • Job Finder

Surely you often find websites that offer job board concepts. Most of the job finder websites use WP as the platform. You can grab your audience’s attention by consistently adding some job info and complete the website with features such as a CV form, the latest locker update notifications and many more.

  • Portfolio

Having many good past projects would be better if you were able to show it off through the website. Your creations can be displayed on the WordPress portfolio website gallery. This method is quite effective for promoting your abilities or a certain business entity.



Recommendation WordPress Themes for Websites

Developing a website requires creativity. A unique or beautiful theme can differentiate a website from competitors. Creating a website requires several supporting elements such as interface for admin, easy website navigation, beautiful graphics, responsiveness of each feature-page, and appearance of each content. But it doesn’t matter how good the elements as visitors immediately start their assessment from the appearance of the website. This means that aesthetic plays an important role for visitors to decide whether to stay or leave.

WordPress themes are divided into several categories, you can access them easily. But before that, you should determine the display concept that you want to show. We understand that choosing a theme can take a while because there are so many choices of free WordPress themes on WP directories or other websites.

Here are some recommended themes for your website.


Dynamic and Ambitious Theme Options


  1. Jevelin

This theme offers a beautiful concept. It can harmoniously increase the quality of your website. This theme also offers a practical experience when operating the website. The aesthetic appearance is a plus point for the Jevelin theme and includes several lists of innovative features that fit the needs of a modern website.

You do not need to worry about your website being slow. After applying some code the website speed will change remarkably. Jevelin is one of the most user friendly WP themes, this theme combines a comprehensive display of documentation and information.

For those of you who have minimal experience, you can take advantage of the installation process guide. Before that you can also try a selection of live preview where you can experience using the Jevelin theme before buying.


  1. Gillion

Want to create a website that displays the work of a photographer or journalist. Then you should consider the trending Gillion theme. The theme has a clean and minimalist appearance as well as a fresh aesthetic interface. Users can easily adjust the settings on the website.

The image you display will remain the same quality as it is on photo taken. Gillion is the solution for modern websites that are intuitive, clean and smooth. The way of operation is also very simple and the theme has a lot of layouts that can be arranged by simply dragging & dropping.


  1. Uncode

The next theme option is Uncode which offers a beautiful multipurpose theme. This one WordPress theme was created with care by a team of professional developers. Equipped with WPBakery Page Builder which is famous for being intuitive and you can also improvise it. There are also premium plugins such as Revolution Slider and Layer Slider available.



Minimalistic WP Theme Options


  1. Kalium


The Kalium theme is widely used for professional websites when the website owner wants to show the concept of minimalism, elegance and exclusivity. You can also choose this theme for websites like portfolios and express your tastes without lowering the website level standards.

The Kalium WordPress theme also includes the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Allowing you to complete the job of designing page layouts without any difficulty. The theme includes slider plugins such as Revolution and Layer, giving you more options for portfolio styles and layouts.


  1. Soledad

WordPress themes are very diverse. You can develop a website for fashion with the multi-concept WP Soledad. The appearance of this one theme is very beautiful and has character. The main goal is to fascinate website visitors with its aesthetic style. With careful coding, Soledad works very efficiently and guarantees that your website visitors will immediately focus on all the content available. In addition to the light box feature, it is also capable of displaying high resolution images.



Earning Money Through Blog WordPress

Nowadays there are many ways to earn money. After discussing a series of information about WP, you also learn how a WordPress blog can be utilized to generate income. In general, most people think of blogs as a place to write articles only when in fact it has other functions than just a place to create content.

Of course, in this case the owner needs an endorsement or AdSense to generate income. And to reach that level, you have to first produce a quality blog. Is it possible to make money without capital? The answer is a definite yes. WordPress is one of the best platform for that and as a beginner you are already taking the right steps.

Good content without SEO optimization is of course pointless. Besides that, promotion is also required. Users can share the link on their social media. Make sure that your blog consistently produces reliable content. There is no instant way to develop a quality WordPress blog. So don’t expect instant results in two days or three days. Underline the ways to improve quality, then focus on generating income.

Beginner bloggers can search for potential keywords through Google. Make sure readers get a solution from the article content. You may not be the only one creating the article topic. Avoid copy pasting other people’s work, because the readers wants authentic information from you. This method will allow bloggers to stand out from their competitors.



Recommended WordPress Blog Income Sources

Get the audience’s attention through unique titles. The title must be related to the content of the article in order to attract readers to stay on your website for a longer time. You should also add some supporting media, such as images, illustrations, videos and many more to improve the experience of the user visiting your article.

Always optimize your blog by using a free WordPress plugin. Your want the content to appear on the first page of the Google search engine. When promoting content on social media, users also have to choose the media that is used most often by the target. Currently Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have large total users. Try promoting your website or blog there, it can help increase your blog visitors.

  1. Sponsored Articles

Writing paid articles can make quite a lot of money. WP users can publish such content with an advertorial concept. Apart from writing sponsored articles yourself, you can also publish the articles on blogs. Follow the terms of service that the platform has and it is better not to overload blogs with these types of articles.

  1. WordAds

Beside Google AdSense, WP also has a similar alternative which is quite competitive. Such publication programs operate systematically from the platform. Only intended for WordPress users, there will be several advertisements from the client that will be displayed on your website or blog page.

First, the WP website owner do a domain mapping so that the blog have a TLD domain name. Meanwhile WP website users must also have a high level of visitor traffic. Then WordAds will be automatically added to the users of the paid plans such as premium and business.

For blog owners who have not done the mapping domains yet. The blog will not earn money from advertising. Even if the website page is showing ads, the domain address that is still using the extension will not make money from the platform.

  1. Endorsement

Bloggers can promote products or services from certain companies. By creating review content, describing products, or unboxing. Profits are not always paid in money, it depends on the agreement of the blog owner and the client. Usually companies will only contact blog owners who match their criteria.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

As a free website user from WP, you can also take advantage of an affiliate link. It is advisable to add an affiliate link belonging to a well-known online shop or large company. Make sure that the link does not contain elements of pornography, gambling, multi level marketing, and other things that will violate the rules. Affiliate links are added in articles using hyperlinks. You can make quite a huge sum of money by joining an affiliate program.



Add AdSense On WordPress Site

AdSense is the answer to making money without any effort. Ads will be displayed on the WordPress website, such as text, video, or image ads. Google makes a payment per click system. This opens up opportunities for blog owners to make money easily. The WordPress website owner only needs to add the JavaScript code to the website.

Accounts accepted by Google will receive contextual advertisements. So that ads can appear in various places on your website page. Google Robot is also able to systematically read the existence of your website. This method is quite efficient because it has a mutually beneficial impact. Google will choose a website with a high level of traffic.

Interested in adding Google AdSense to your website? First create an account by registering the website. This process takes approximately three days. Once your application has been approved, the website owner can create advertisements. Three days is used to check all the feasibility of standardization from Google.




Thanks to technological developments in hand with innovation, today we can develop a business with unlimited digital creativity. Understanding the pros and cons that WordPress can help add more knowledge to the user. You are no longer just an ordinary user who works with limited information. In the future, you will understand how to make your website attractive to your audience.

As a creative person interested in generating income from the website. Take advantage of the available opportunities that WordPress has to offer. Make sure the appearance of the website is able to represent who you are. This article is a simple guide to help develop a website according to users expectation. I hope this helps!