A healthy team work exists here in Timedoor. Where everybody respect, understand, and support each others to grow with the same mission.

~ Melifa Gardenia, Website Project Manager


Timedoor helped me to grow from my career comfort zone as an software engineer, to the managerial. It's culture showed me the importance of looking company as a family and as a team. With a warm working environment and flexible working hours, I think Timedoor still the best choice to grow for young graduates.

~ Kotama, Mobile Apps Project Manager


I've joined Timedoor Indonesia since internship period. Here I can start to build my career while still able to explore and develop my skills with a good working environment and amazing team. It such a great opportunity for college students like me to gain experience working in the industry.

~ Annisa, Junior UI Designer


I love coming to work. The environment is good, comfortable, and fun. I love the people, they care each other. I've honestly never worked anywhere else with such a great culture.

~ Ferdy, Senior Programmer


Staff Support

Looking for a company that checks all your needs? You are almost at the right place

checkHealth Insurance

Employee's well-being matters. Timedoor provide you health insurance that covers most of your needs.

check12x Paid Vacation

According to the employment law, employees are entitled to annual leave of 12 working days per year if they have worked for at least 1 year at the company.

checkPosition Bonus

Timedoor really apreciate your loyality. The longer you work or the higher your position will affect the Position Bonus you can get.

checkReligious Holiday Allowances

Timedoor really respect diversity of Religion in Indonesia. According to the employment law, Timedoor provides Religious Holiday Allowances for the employees.

checkOuting & Team Building

Here in Timedoor, we have a culture to regularly have an outing event 2 times in a year to relief stress and strengthen our teamwork at the same time.


Office Environment

We try to provide a good & positive office environment to improve productivity make employees happier and more confident.

Rest Area
Cozy Garden
Meeting Rooms


Not Only About Work

Employees are the heart of every company, and investing in team building exercises enhances their roles and connections.