Academy Academy Academy

Maximize children's potential with fun-based IT education

Timedoor Coding Academy was founded with a goal to prepare the next generation in Indonesia with excellent IT skills. We want today’s kids not only be a user of digital technology, because we want them to be the next inventors. Moreover, the fast advancement on the internet and social media have brought concerns on social issues, for example false news and cyber-bullying.

Mirainesia Mirainesia Mirainesia

Take action for sustainable local future

MIRAINESIA is a social startup created by Indonesian Madi and Japanese Yutaka. The encounter between the two-man began when Yutaka joined a volunteer as an English Teacher in Madi’s local Belopa, South Sulawesi. Growing up in an economically rich country in Japan, Yutaka was fascinated by the natural beauty of the Indonesian countryside and the kindness of the people. On the other hand, He noticed various local problems such as education, environment, working opportunities, and economy.



Mitra Bali Mitra Bali Mitra Bali

Supporting artisans through fair trade

Since 1993, Mitra Bali has been actively participating in Bali’s economic and social development by working to empower a large group of handicraft producers. One of Bali’s great sources of potential are the skilled hands its citizens that create bountiful quantities of crafts and souvenirs for the tourists, who traverse the rich and beautiful soil of this island. World-renowned male and female craft producers alike contribute` greatly to the development of Bali’s tourist industry.