404 Error

The error message displayed when you cannot open a Web site on the Internet. There is various hows and notation, but ultimately “”website (of data) not found”” that means. Home page data is stored in the computer is called a Web server. And from the local computer “”this page””see instructions that send back pages for Web servers, file and image. At this time “”what page?”” said URL to specify commands (symbols). URL’s such as addresses on the Internet. And this statement will be sent based on the technological promise of http. However, you can’t send it back and there is no data corresponding to the URL specified in the Web server. As a result, instead of the data of your website back “”404 Not Found”” message. This is called ‘404 error’ in General. 404 is the number of the error. In other words, it means, such as in the technological promise of http error 404-. You can usually leaves a blunt message is provided in the browser, but for your own kind and funny messages to display. Personal home page, home relocation assistance, such as purposely to 404 errors, playing there. There are various reasons why now, I get an error 404. First, the URL (website address) entered by hand, possibly made a mistake. Wrong character in URL, home page appears. Most likely if you get 404 errors to open from the list link on the home page and search results page is deleted. You can’t, unfortunately in this case, view the page again. However you may have incorrect URL (set) for links embedded in text and images. You may also change where data is stored in the Web server. Those that you can find if you search from the home page of the site (meaning home)..

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