AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is part of computer science that studies how to make a machine or computer capable of doing work like and even better than humans do. AI also enables a computer to mimic human actions or expressions.

In the digital era and the Internet of Things (IoT) like today, where all data can be digitized and published even in real time, makes AI developed rapidly. Examples of the application of AI in everyday life such as Google assistant and Siri.

The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence over Natural Intelligence:

  1. Artificial intelligence does not change as long as there is no change in the computer system & its programs.
  2. Easy for duplication & deployed.
  3. Cheaper and consistent.
  4. Can be documented by tracking the activity history
  5. Work faster.
  6. Better results.

Timedoor Tips:

There are many bad assumptions related to AI, such as the loss of almost all jobs, the destruction of the middle class, the military robot war, etc. The following are Timedoor Tips that you need to remember in order to be successful using AI:

  1. Don’t be afraid of AI, AI is used to help human work, not the other way.
  2. Use AI as a solution to solve various problems faced by humans.


What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?