API is an interface that connects applications, services, or operating systems with each other in order to facilitate access to data and features, both on the same or across platforms.


API Functions:

  1. Make it easy to build functional and complex applications without adding data manually.
  2. Application development process becomes more efficient since direct communication with the application you want to be linked with is not required.
  3. Lighten the server load for you don’t need to store all the data on your server, also reducing the risk of “server down”.


Types of API:

There are 4 types of API which are commonly used

  1. Open API, is an API that is deliberately opened to the public to be used en masse.
  2. Partner API, is an API specifically designed by companies to be offered to business partners only; you can use it upon permit.
  3. Private API or Internal API, is the opposite type of Open API. This API is designed for internal use only.
  4. Composite API or combined API, is an API that collects data and services from various other APIs and stores them in one place to facilitate the use of various types of data with only one access.


Tips from Timedoor:

5 rules that you must know in designing a good website and application API

  1. Do the documentation well because this is very important especially if you want everyone to use your API.
  2. Create a stable and consistent API. Not always fickle
  3. Have a flexible API because not all of your clients use the adequate platform
  4. Security is clearly one of the most important things in a website and application, therefore apply authentication and authorization when accessing your API
  5. Make sure your API is easy to adopt


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