Augmented reality. A technique to display information by superimposing information on a real landscape using a computer. For example, when viewing a real landscape through a head mounted display, a usage method of displaying the name of a building or reproducing and displaying a building existing in the past has been studied. Recently, services for smartphones have appeared, and applications such as “”Sekai camera”” and “”Layar”” can be used on the iPhone. There is a virtual reality as a technique to be paired with this. Abbreviation for Augmented Reality. A technology that adds information created by digital synthesis and the like to information perceived as it is, and strengthens human reality recognition. Attempts have recently been made to apply this technology to mobile devices such as smartphones. That is, actual images are displayed through cameras and the like, and position information obtained by GPS or the like and information such as eating places and landmarks stored as maps are added thereto. With this, users can see the outside world through mobile phones, and they will be able to know where and where they are by themselves. IPhone, Sekai camera which operates on Android, and so on. On the iPhone ‘s App Store, the AR application has become a boom, and a lot of AR applications made by various manufacturers and individual programmers are being sold. The history of technological development of augmented reality started from the 20th century, especially development in the fields of military, aeronautics and medical care was preceded. A typical example of equipment that has been put into practical use up to now is a head mount display of a helmet that a fighter pilot wears. In this case, various information is displayed on the visor part of the helmet, and information such as the distance to the target and whether the target is caught by the radar is added to the pilot and transmitted. As a result, the pilot can recognize reality in a strengthened form and it is possible to accurately destroy enemy planes.

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