Access Analysis

Access analysis analyze records of access to the Web site and, or processed into various types of data into a form, including tables and charts; You can retrieve data such as the URL of the page or computer accessing the Web site, retrieved on, IP address, browser type, page you were viewing ago. Said access analysis analyze access log which recorded in chronological order and into a more readable format for human. Access analysis, such as number of visits to the Web sites and pages, pageviews (simple access number) can be summarized in the form of another source, another day or another day of the week, time, browsing environment (operating system and Web browser type, etc.) another, network (domain name, country, region, etc.) by the (sites, pages, search terms, etc.), the You may have the ability to determine whether or not visits or revisited using HTTP cookies. Method to analyze log data recorded by the Web server itself, and a method to parse the logs recorded by the server, a special script to send data to the external log collection server to the Web page, such as an embedded, software packages, such as in the former, the latter is in the form of services provided.