System in one single payment system for online advertising and affiliate advertising media such as Web pages and e-mail magazine lined links to advertisers ‘ Web sites, including viewers via the link on the advertiser’s Web site or subscription, or buy products and media operators according to the fixed rate paid. From the mentioned results such as sales for advertisers, compared to other advertising methods on impressions or clicks, to get paid for the first time advertising fee (of claims) due to the extremely high cost effective advertising that can be. The advantage of easy and suitable to your site’s theme and design, high degree of freedom for media publishers, more than any other advertising program enrollment and registration is widely and easily available personal point, product selection and method of advertising. There are from both sides, both sides deployed by operators such as affiliate programs, get advertisers and online shops and online mall attracts its own media publishers and advertisers and media publishers seeking services. You may call our affiliate service provider (ASP:Affiliate Service Provider) services such as the latter or its operators.