Amazon EC2

Rental Server service provided by Amazon and Amazon EC2, using virtualization technology. Things can and run the software on the server in the services that comprise the company’s online services business Amazon Web Service (AWS), operated by the company, which manages the online service on the Internet. Rent virtual machine (VM:Virtual Machine), a type of cloud service called so-called “”IaaS”” (infrastructure as a service: Infrastructure as a Service) and HaaS (Hardware as a Service), the physical server computer itself, but built by the software on the computer, the user launches the OS such as Linux or Windows Server on a virtual machine, You can run their own software to build their own online services. Capacity of virtual machines can flexibly increase or decrease as needed, depending on the power consumed will be charged. You can minimize costs, reduce server soon to extend capacity immediately even if the expansion server is required bursts, you no longer need.