Banner Advertisement

Banner ad’s, band rectangle ads, is extremely long for a vertical type of the shape of the Web advertising (frame). In some cases amended advertising method to display images, such as in the fixed on the page, regardless of the shape. In the most basic shapes exist from the beginning can be established on top of the Web page or at the bottom, the Internet began to spread in the General one single. And often can be used as a Creative images and Flash animations, and set a link to the advertiser’s Web site, visitors can touch and click ads within the advertiser’s site look to open that. Industry Association IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) is as a standard sized banner horizontal 468 x pixels 60 “”Full Banner””, “”Half Banner”” of the 234 x 60, 728 x 90 “”Leaderboard””, 120 x 240 “”Virtical Banner”” defined. Closer to “”rectangle ads”” on the other hand, generally long about 120 pixels or less length button advertising aspect of the same (squares are square ads and even), very vertically long (roughly about 600 pixels vertically or more) often called skyscraper ads are.