What is Compile?

Compile It is the process of reading and combining a source code which is then translated into another language/target language. The tool or software used to perform the compilation process is called a compiler. The results of this compiler are in the form of a single command in machine language (eg. .exe, .com).


Compilation Stage:

  1. Access the source code, developed by the programmer, and perform checks to make sure nothing is ambiguous
  2. Source code is read into computer memory.
  3. The source code is converted into object code (assembly language).
  4. Object code is associated with the required libraries to form an executable file.


Timedoor Tips:

If your server supports PHP, then you don’t need to compile. Just create a .php file and place it in your web directory and the server will automatically parse it. There’s no need to compile anything or install any additional tools. You need to know that PHP-enabled files are simple HTML files that come with a tag system that lets you do all sorts of things.

The video below will explain more about Compiler: