A program to create a searchable database of full-text retrieval search engine crawler and collect any and all Web pages around the world. Search request, full-text search-driven search engine, Web page content database on the search engine side to keep their databases are searched and results of their comfort zones. Programs enhance the contents of this database, you can check the search robot, found out that Web pages are not yet included in the database, and an updated Web page content to collect the results have reflected in the database. Find the pages search robot or as a search for a file type is different. By search robots to recover text files, PDF files, document files created in Excel and Word. See also, for failure to set the appropriate access rights to confidential documents of the company can become an incident. A method of placing fill out stating that as a way to indicate that you do not want to search robot recovered files in the HTML file to deny search meta tags (META tag), to specify the behavior of the robot Web Server public directory at the top of the file. But should be followed by means such as to limit access to sensitive files by search robots ignore specified like this, to recover the files.