Crowd Funding

Method raise small amount of funds from an unspecified number of individuals and crowdfunding to fund companies and projects. In particular, professional Web sites to inform more donor funding to recruit; “”crowd”” is financing of “”crowd””, “”funding””. By collecting a small amount of funds from a lot of people depend on few large funders and greatly influenced its intention and circumstances, but a stable project to proceed. Also, can organize a fan interested in the process of recruiting funds, project or new product, potential customers, or reflect their opinions to win new fans by word of mouth effect is expected. Receive some of them by type and presence of the return and wanted nothing in return donate type, such as regular investment and loan comes income investment types, have developed products and services free of charge or inexpensive as you receive, or you can use the purchase price upfront type classification can. Crowdfunding for investment in venture companies, new products and software development projects, such as large, but beyond this, used in the recruitment of scarce research funds from political movements and citizens ‘ movement, film production, public sector funding. 、 Attract the attention and lead to the development of innovative products difficult to see if certain standards are met in recent years to fund recruitment, application, settlement crowdfunding specialist websites and services have emerged, in the old way.