To describe the position of the information resources (data and services) reside on the Internet URL and the format. Organized by way of describing the information corresponding to the location of the various resources in the presence of such resources on the net and resources retrieval method (type) computer location, location of the resource within the computer. At the beginning “”http:”” of it rules describe how to obtain resources as is this scheme name. Scheme names are often used for communication protocol name describing the location of the local “”file:”” in such schemes can be. Format for describing identity scheme name followed by a different scheme, but in the scheme of the protocol configured in the server’s domain name or IP address, port number, folder name, file name, etc. Became the “””” configuration in the http scheme represents the resources on the Web “”http:”” scheme name, “”//”” the domain name of the computer, “”: 80″” port number to communicate with the ‘ / w / ‘ want to get position in the computer folder, “”URL.html”” is the file name.