Words have meaning, such as domain, range, field, territory, domain and domain. In a sense, the name that identifies the computer or network on the Internet by groups of users to share the management of the network and the directory service resource in the IT sector, and computer system (domain names, Internet domain names) is used. Can be used in the meaning of the last in the domain if only. To avoid duplicates in the name to identify this computer resides on the Internet or a network, to manage a hierarchy of registered issuance and management. That consists of a combination of letters, numbers and some symbols. Internationalized domain name can register a domain in a language of their own countries, such as Japan, in recent years, and the character also became available. Was to operating domain to have communication between the computer on the Internet identify each other by IP address and array of numbers, IP addresses are unwieldy for humans, as an alias. Is called DNS domain and the IP address maps to DNS servers around the world work together, running. You can match multiple domains on one IP address, or for multiple IP addresses on one domain.