Any commercial transactions with the Electronic Commerce, through electronic means, such as Internet and computer do. Refers to business transactions in the narrow sense, via Internet and communication distance between information that is required to send, receive, do, Furthermore, is also known as the EC that the online shops in the narrow sense, such as through a Web site to sell consumer products companies. By type of business entity companies between EC and B2B, Business to Business, B to B EC, EC businesses and consumers (B2C, Business to Consumer EC) B to C EC, EC consumer (C2C, Consumer to Consumer) C to C EC said. B to B e-commerce and electronic markets (e-marketplace), electronic procurement (e-procurement), EDI (electronic data interchange), Internet advertising, B to C e-commerce online shop (e-shops) and online mall (e-shopping), online trading, online banking, C to C EC online auctions, such as in. There is an EC (G2C, Government to Consumer) G to C EC, G2B Government to Business, G to B EC, national and community offering electronic bid in addition to this, Governments, municipalities, and businesses, such as electronic application services. Also accept those payments tend to be considered 1 area of EC is a mechanism does settlement price, such as such as e-payment facility for IC-card type e-money and mobile phones, smart phones, shops, public transport such as the (methodology for providing products and services for electronic elements are included in) tend to be considered e-commerce business.

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