The ERP, various resources with the company (human resources, capital, equipment, materials, information, etc.) in an integrated manner to manage and distribute, aimed at overall optimization of the efficiency and management of business approach. Also, it is an integrated type (cross-business type) business software package (ERP package) to be introduced and used for that purpose. By unitarily and unifyingly managing resources handled by various departments / businesses comprising companies, such as procurement / purchasing, manufacturing / production, logistics / inventory management, sales, personnel / salary, financial and accounting, To eliminate inefficiencies due to partial optimization, and to smoothly link and link each other’s related work such as procurement and production, production and sales. ERP package in the information system to be introduced in order to realize the ERP, the system corresponding to various operations supra has a large software packaged into one. By introducing this companywide, immediate sharing of information between departments and close collaboration becomes possible.

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