FAQ stands for Frequently Askes Questions, which also means ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. FAQs are usually posted for the public to reduce the hassle of responding to the same questions over and over again.

FAQ is very useful for beginners or people new to something, for example; a layman who will buy a website. The most common questions they will ask are, price, time of work, who made the design, server \ hosting, domain.

If there are 1000 new buyers a day, then the web builder will be overwhelmed by answering the same questions over and over. This is where the FAQ will help them answer common questions so that time can be used more efficiently.


Tips & Tricks:

How do you make a good FAQ? Check this out:

Step 1: Sort and group topics that frequently trigger questions.

Step 2: Get to know your audience and put yourself on their shoes. Then based on the topic that has been made, ask yourself, “If I were him what was the first question that would come to my mind?”

Step 3: Use simple language that is easy to understand. Short, informative and clear. A good FAQ design will also encourage the audience to read.

Step 4: Place the FAQ in a place that is easy for the audience to see. Each webpage has its its own topic and you might want to put FAQ with related topic. For instance, in ‘check out’ page of online shop web, you will need to put FAQ concerning how to pay or how to choose expedition. Don’t put FAQ about how to be a member since it’s out of topic.


Marketing: Meanwhile in Timedoor, each website is carefully made while considering the users point of view. Every information/topic is neatly placed in pages accordingly so the readers will understand them easily without being lost. The FAQ is put in suitable place for the viewers to see. Should you need assistance in terms of web designing as well as development, feel free to contact us at https://timedoor.net/#contact