Facebook Advertisement

What is Facebook advertisement. Facebook advertising is an advertisement displayed on Facebook. It is a type of SNS advertisement that aligns with Twitter advertisement and Instagram advertisement, and it is being used by companies because of its large number of users, targeting accuracy, ease of use for business and so on. As the number of users continues to grow, we can see that there are many Facebook users both domestic and overseas. Facebook is a social network that often connects with people who work in addition to friends and people with common hobbies such as Twitter and Instagram. Also, not only friends’ information but friends’ friends’ information flows in the timeline, so there are highly diffuse aspects. In other words, it is a medium suitable for business use. Feature of Facebook advertisement High targeting accuracy The biggest feature of Facebook advertisement is that it allows precise targeting by detailed condition setting. It is proportional to the clarity of the target to approach and the benefit of using Facebook advertisement is increased. We can set detailed conditions before advertisement, such as gender, age, hobby / preference, so the possibility of delivering ads to targets according to the intention of the advertiser is expanded. Can be used at all stages of purchasing funnel Facebook can be used for all three levels of consumer purchasing funnel (cognition, comparison / review, decision making / purchase). I will explain how you can use Facebook advertisements properly at each stage. ● recognition When offering a certain product or service, it is first necessary to have it perceive itself. As for Facebook advertisement, as described above, since advertisement distribution can be done after setting targets in detail, cognitive advertisement advertisement can be developed for users who are likely to be interested in products / services. Particularly effective for users in the cognitive stage is visual appeals such as video advertisements. If you see an advertisement while a Facebook user is checking the timeline, you can increase awareness without having to take concrete action at that time.

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