Web page that appears first when you start a Web browser and homepage (start page). It’s also the Web site covers and entrance to the corresponding top-level page (home page, main page, front page). You may call home page and any Web site or Web page started. Had called home page when you start the browser initially appear on the first page that is gradually also on the home page of the site home page to be called and, in addition for the entire Web site or home page as well as any Web page was called home. Often today, is generally used as a paraphrase words of Web pages and Web sites. Can be set in the page called home page to a Web page that displays when you press the home button in a recent Web browser and to display at startup. In this case, tend to differentiate homepage and startup page is called “”startup page”” or “”start page””. You may also, if companies and Government agencies, celebrities, and information in more than one place on the Web, such as blogs, bulletin board system (BBS), SNS and means to distinguish these, official site, himself owns and operates a Web site called home.