A markup language for describing Web pages and HTML. Describe the logical structure of the document and see how that can be. Has been standardized by the W3C, by default most Web browser can interpret HTML documents and view. Set the XHTML standard for amended to conform to a generic markup language, or XML. You can embed information about the structure of a sentence and qualified by fencing with a special string called “”Tags”” sandwiched “”<“”and””>”” by a portion of a document in HTML, and to write. You can specify the title and paragraph breaks in a sentence, or enumerate the items in the list, embed images, audio, and video as part of the document and set hyperlinks to other documents. Progresses in the Web, HTML was originally born as a simplified version of SGML, to describe the logical structure of the sentence primarily language were added concerning the appearance of the document specification. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) has been developed as a dedicated language to describe the look and then and now, as much as possible describe the structure of HTML, describing the look CSS be separated should have been.

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