Use HTML5 and the Web page description markup language, HTML 5 Edition. Specification and standardization is underway at W3C a WHATWG proposed specification, standardize the Web-related technologies. Also for playback of these elements and animation control and data storage, socket communication, drag-and-drop from the scripting language and embedded voice specification added new audio or video tags to embed videos, canvas tag can draw arbitrary graphics standards (API) defined. Using HTML5 and multimedia content, including video, animation and interactivity and expressive Web applications (RIA) are subject to specific technologies, such as Java applets, Flash, Silverlight or plug-ins, but had to develop this Web content according to standards and HTML 5 capable Web browser browse and use that can be expected. In addition, many of the tags used to specify the font tag, center tags, big tags, such as appearance, while an additional element to represent the structure of the document, such as the nav tag represents a navigation element, representing the section section, header tags represents the prologues that was abolished. Tag to define a frame is not embedded (frame, frameset, noframe) is repealed.