Communications protocols (Protocol) and IMAP standard used over TCP/IP networks such as the Internet, receive e-mail (electronic mail) for one single. Users own which establishes the method for accessing mail holds the e-mail you have received new mail checking the receives the email, your email. As a general rule, email with IMAP on the mail server email address (account) for each to managed in a dedicated save area (mail box). Server from list of email users and choose what they need, download to your computer, and view. Can perform classification using already read status of each mail management, folder on the server, such as the large, and attachments in the only part of the email (only the header portion, such as text only) there is the ability to receive. Is easier to manage the mail on the server side, use one address from more than one computer. Download all email has reached a user accesses the server with POP POP (POP3) is commonly used as a mail retrieval protocol but have a mail storage and classification management in email clients. That may be because compared to POP, IMAP is suitable for use in more than one, but on the server side mail storage space required large amounts of space per person is severely restricted in large systems, consumers quickly reached maximum capacity, would not receive. And because the IMAP itself has security protection, such as data encryption and password confidential, in conjunction with the SSL/TLS encryption protocol to encrypt all communication with IMAP and IMAPS (IMAP over SSL/TLS and IMAP4S) is called communication system is used. IMAPS 993-exploited, usually IMAP uses a TCP port 143. IMAP 2 IETF as RFC 1064 developed in 1988, is the earliest version, but the official name was “”Interactive Mail Access Protocol”” Unlike the current. In 1994, IMAP4 is formulated as an RFC 1730, was changed to the current name at this time. Simply pointing, such as IMAP, IMAP4, IMAP4 is the most popular version. Extended specifications added to the IMAP4, 2003, have been revised as RFC 3501.

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