What is IMAP?

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a way that allows you to check email anywhere, from several different devices, such as phones, laptops and tablets. When accessing e-mail messages using IMAP, the e-mails are not actually downloaded or stored on the computer. You access it from an email service.

IMAP is classified as a 2-way communication protocol, because changes made to the email client application will also be sent to the server. IMAP is more popular than POP3 because email service providers like GMail, etc., recommend using it.

The Advantage of Using IMAP:

  1. Allows you to access your email from anywhere with several different devices.
  2. Allows you to access your e-mail via a web browser without the e-mail application.
  3. Email can be accessed faster because attachments are not downloaded automatically. You can also select the attachments you want to open.

The Disadvantages of Using IMAP:

  1. Some hosting services do not support using IMAP.
  2. Email is stored on the server thereby reducing disk space hosting.
  3. Need an internet network to be able to access email

Timedoor Tips:

Use the following ports for IMAP settings in your e-mail

Port 143 – Port non-encrypted

Port 993 – SSL / TLS port, also known as IMAPS


Here’s an explanation video about IMAP and how to set it up in Gmail: