Various objects that exist in the world, with information such as the computer and communication equipment, the IoT (thing) to have a communication function, or connect to the Internet, to communicate with each other by automatic detection, automatic control, telemetry, etc. Aggregate real time vehicle location information, traffic information systems and smart meters on behalf of the Inspector of the human power meter is communicating with the power company, to declare the amount of power used, large-scale machines built in sensors and communications capabilities, operating conditions, fault and replacement parts, such as that a manufacturer can grasp real-time systems have been devised. IoE (Internet of Everything) In the sense that the Internet is connected everything Mo refers to integrated Internet Internet of people, data, and information software, such as a traditional Center. However, because unlike traditional Internet point is connected, in fact on the IoT and almost as synonymous with can be used. The term mainly advocates the Cisco Systems company.