IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service. IaaS is one of the cloud computing services that uses virtualization technology to provide IT infrastructure such as hardware resources (CPU / memory / storage) over the Internet on demand. There are other SaaS and PaaS in cloud computing. Conventionally, when building a system, we purchased servers and software at our company and needed operation and maintenance. With IaaS, you can use the server, storage, and network resources as much as you need when you need it via the Internet without having your own hardware such as a server. Benefits of IaaS · No time to buy a server, you can create a server as soon as you need it · High degree of server creation flexibility (CPU, memory, OS, middleware can be freely chosen) · Free up and down scaling and resource down · It is inexpensive, and it is compatible with pay-as-you-go billing · The operation of infrastructure is left to the cloud operator And so on

Video What is IaaS?