Internet advertisement is to be displayed (exposed). It is easy to confuse with page view (PV), but page view is the number of times the website (or a specific web page in the website) was displayed. Impressions is the number of times the ad itself was shown. When multiple Internet advertisements are randomly displayed in the same advertisement space on the same site or page (= rotation type advertisement), the number of impressions of advertisement itself can not be specified with page view alone. The number of times the Internet advertisement is displayed is called the number of impressions. Impressions are indispensable for mainly using banner advertisements and PPC advertisements. Flat speaking, it measures “”how many times you have seen advertisements””. It tends to be confused with page view (PV), but especially when using banner advertisement or PPC advertisement, understanding not only the page view but also the concept of impression, it is possible to grasp the exact number of times the advertisement is exposed I can do it. In the case of newspaper advertisements and TV commercials, it is impossible to measure how much advertisement was actually seen, but in the case of Internet advertisement, it is necessary to measure how many advertisement materials (banner image, text, etc.) are displayed By doing so, you can determine the number of impressions.

Video What is Impression?