A huge computer network using common communication specifications a vast number of global computer and communications equipment linked to each other, with the Internet. Are widely used as a common communication network system on a global scale with each other connected devices and the network of various organizations, using standardized communications standards groups collectively referred to as “”TCP/IP””, used by various actors, including individuals, businesses, public institutions, beyond the country’s critical information infrastructure. Such e-mail messages can be sent among users to build various features, services, and systems on the Internet, has provided a huge document together with Web (Web, WWW:World Wide Web) and a letter (e-mail:electronic mail) in 1 case. Is often referred to as Internet or Internet for today, a lot of information on the Internet and services provided through the Web on a daily basis refers to the Web that is strictly Web just one on the Internet features and services. No single entity to manage and operate across the Internet, networks of distributed network managed by various organizations connected to each other. However, present management and oversees all identifying information will be shared across the entire Internet, such as IP address, domain name, port number, protocol specifications and technical standards, including international entities (ICANN, IETF, W3C, etc.). Connect to the network to connect to the Internet and need to connect to networks that have already joined the Internet and operating companies, universities, telecommunication carriers, such as through communication. Take advantage of the Internet among individuals and families tend to contract with businesses mediates connection to professional Internet service provider (ISP:Internet Service Provider) through a line of communications company, to connect. The origins of the Internet network signed a mutual communication American universities and research institutes, such as at the end of the 1960s, developed as an information network linking academic institutions. Commercial use is lifted at the end of the 1980s, the Web will be developed in the mid-1990s and spread rapidly into businesses and homes, was applied to a variety of applications. According to fiber optic lines in the current method to send and receive voice signal converts data to using the telephone at the outset was the permanent data communication connection or phone line is widely used.