What is KGI Abbreviation for Key Goal Indicator. Organizations and projects represent quantitative indicators of the goals to be achieved. It is not an abstract goal, but it is a concrete (numerically defined) definition of which period, which index, what level and what level it regards as goal attainment. It may also refer to the indicator itself. It is often used in conjunction with KPI (Important Management Indicator). For simplicity, KGI is the final goal. KPI can be said as an intermediate goal.   KGI setting example In order to visualize defined goals, there is a means to quantify targets. We can target specific numbers and clarify the purpose of the site. Also, KGI will narrow down to one of the most important ones. Here are examples of setting KGI. · Annual sales of 100 million yen · The average monthly PV number after half a year is 10,000 PV · Number of inquiries in 20,000 cases · · · etc. I will quantify the most important purpose in this way.

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