LAMP is a word (abbreviation) that refers to a combination of open source software. Specifically, it refers to OS Linux, Web server Apache, database MySQL, programming Perl, PHP, Python. LAMP stands for these initials. Both are suitable for building database-linked websites that contain dynamic content and are highly popular. In the Linux distribution of OS, these LAMP are distributed as a set. Since these software groups are open source software, it costs less, or it costs extremely even if it costs it, so it can reduce costs and have the advantage of being able to take advantage of high customization. On the other hand, there is a lot of risk in terms of operational management, such as lack of warranty and support, and appropriate skills are required for developers and operations managers. There are many similar words whose abbreviations vary depending on the configuration, such as LAPP when using PostgreSQL for the database engine and LASP when using SQLite. Also, there is WISA as a relative, which uses Windows Sever of OS, IIS of Web server, SQL Server of database, ASP.NET of programming, refers to building a Web server with technology provided by Microsoft I will.

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