What is MySQL? MySQL (Myes Queel) is one of the most widely used open source databases in the world. It is fast and easy to use. MySQL can be obtained and used free of charge for non-commercial use. For commercial use, it is necessary to purchase a license. (Dual license) It is often used as a database of rental servers. Some cases handle tens of millions to hundreds of millions of records, which seems to be used on large sites such as Yahoo and Google. Since MySQL is multi-user compliant, it is suitable as a database to be used for a system like a web application that multiple people use at the same time. In programming beginner introductory course, we recommended Microsoft’s Access as the database to be learned first. It is a database that is excellent in operability and easy for beginners to learn. However, there is a limit as Access becomes bigger as the scale of the system increases. As a next step in learning the basics of SQL in Access, why not try Challenge MySQL? The basic SQL statement is the same. For beginners, setting up until installation is troublesome, but you can easily access from programming languages ​​like Java and PHP, so you can create more full-fledged systems.

Video What is MySql?