Native Advertising

One of the display (content) type of Internet advertisement. The design, content, and format are the same as those of the articles / contents edited by the publishing company and the functions of the services to be provided, which are integrated with them and do not disturb the user’s experience of using the information. Often banner ads and text ads are often posted on areas outside the content area such as side bars, and users tend to ignore such advertisements unconsciously. Native advertisements are aimed at having users see advertisements by displaying them in the same manner as regular contents in the content area of ​​media and services. However, as a definition of native advertisement, in addition to the above JIAA definition, “”furthermore, the experience gained by touching the advertisement content is the same as the experience obtained from ordinary contents (function) of the service (media) Sometimes it is conditional. In this definition, it is judged that what is only native advertising only in display style is essentially not a native advertisement.

Video What is Native Advertising?