Official Site

What is Official Site?

Official site or official website is the website of an institution to represent them online. All contents of the website must be accounted for because it represented the institution. This official website can be owned by anyone, individuals, companies, governments, and other organizations. Government-owned sites in Indonesia generally use the domain and school sites use the domain, while university sites use .edu.

Timedoor Tips:

If you want to have an official website for your business or agency, here are some tips that you need to pay attention to:

  1. Choose a perfect site name that is simple and easy to remember
  2. Make sure you choose a domain that is tailored to your needs. If it is for personal or company needs you can use the .com, or .net domains.
  3. Choose a design that represents your business. Whether as a company profile, product catalogue, or e-commerce website
  4. As a website owner, you must be careful in releasing your website content. Do not let the information you release be incorrect or hoax information because you may be subject to criminal penalties
  5. Ensure the security of your website from hackers, crackers, and server downs


Please watch the following video so that you understand more about how to get a good and right domain name for your business: