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Pay-per-click Internet advertising, does not take the cost to me, only the number of times an ad is actually clicked cost occurs. PPC stands for “”Pay Per Click (Pay-per-click).”” Originally described above, but appears to have had term for the billing system of the advertisements, often being used to refer to a search engine advertising is a representative presence of PPC advertising. Not limited to Internet advertising, those that advertising is usually, was what cost occurs depending on the exposure and distribution of volume. The cost of pay is not was the same, even if the people who bear in mind that the ad was not even one person, as well as a lot of people from the ad came to the shop. On the other hand PPC ads, it does not cause costs to be click ads. Tracking of clicks is the Internet unique advertising system possible. Basically, the ad people at all are not interested in the contents, do not take action, such as that bother click. Of people = prospect interested in advertising, only to the achievement of access (click), because is not that in each case pay the advertising costs, it can be said to be extremely wasted little cost system when compared to traditional advertising. And say PPC advertising, such as generally sponsored search ads and AdWords, but the search seems engine advertising case refers to the often, pay-per-click type of Internet advertising is not the only search engine advertising. For example, Adsense introduced such as the AdWords advertising and content are posted on the site, Yahoo! was adopted even pay-per-click formula, such as Interest Match is PPC advertising, Listing of behavioral targeting advertising. In addition, even in the affiliate advertising, rather than to the final outcome of through advertising (conversion), there is also of the type to pay the cost to affiliate according to the number of clicks on the ad. (See Figure 2) Thus the term “”PPC advertising”” as if it were used as a substitute word for search engine advertising, because it may point to the expense form of purely CPC type, want to differentiate with care award. In addition, as well as PPC advertising, “”listing advertisement”” is also often used as an alternative language of search engine advertising, “”listing advertisement”” originally refers to the ads that are displayed depending on the particular conditions. Although advertising in response to the search keyword is a kind of search engine advertising, of course listing ads are listing, as well as PPC advertising, it is also included in the listing advertising contextual advertising and behavioral targeting advertising…

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