Responsive Design

Responsive design is a method of web design, it is to correspond to various kinds of equipment and screen size with a single file. When web sites and web pages are to be compatible with multiple devices such as personal computers, smart phones, tablet terminals and screen sizes, prepare multiple HTML files and CSS files that are identical in content, optimized for each design and action, and HTTP redirect The method of sorting access by etc is often used. In response design, this kind of correspondence is not made, a single file set so as to change the display content to the optimum state according to the type and size of the displayed device is produced, and the same way for all the devices Send. Compared to the case of preparing multiple files, the degree of freedom of design and function decreases, but the same contents can be displayed on all the devices, thus simplifying the updating work and prevention of update omissions can be expected. It is also avoided that multiple different URLs whose contents overlap in the search engine and access analysis appear.

Video What is Responsive Design?