Community, promotes and supports connections between people and the SNS Web sites and Internet services. Membership offers or provides the means to facilitate the communication between friends and acquaintances, and build new relationships through such things as hobbies, orientation, residential areas, schools, or “”friend of a friend”” service can browse, use, Web site and dedicated Smartphone. There are also targeted theme and registration certain areas limited social network, operation for information sharing among employees and promote exchange between enterprises, such as TWEETS, OpenPNE themselves SNS for opening, operating software. Features of a SNS, have diversified composition, but a typical social networks well as a basic feature, photos and your profile members ability to publish and functions to send messages to other members without email addresses known to each other features address book to create a new “”friend””, a friend of another friend, diary only to public members and friends, hobbies and areas such as theme, you can up on bulletin boards, including community features, Calendar and scheduling features can make appointments and friends birthday there. There are services and advertise on the site offers many of the services offers free registration and basic services and some features provided at an additional cost. Had spread initially focuses on human relationships, not to take part and not an invitation from an existing system service in recent years participation and registration services anyone can freely and almost is. Social networks established series circa 2003 mainly American, first became popular in 2004 when domestic carriers service. Famous for its microblog type posts and share worldwide, focusing on famous students qualification for registration early popularity, becoming the world’s largest SNS Facebook (Facebook) or short tweets Twitter (Twitter), post photographs, share the “”Instagram”” (instagram), business and professional ties to LinkedIn (LinkedIn), etc. Also became a social phenomenon, beyond the temporary membership number 10 million people as Japan’s own service “”mixi””, such as famous, but pressed in recent years to overseas operators, such as Facebook use sluggish, to online gaming operators and elaborating such that. In recent years typical social networking website, Internet and Smartphone of SNS is becoming more difficult and more and more features are included, to clarify what in the SNS is what SNS is not. For example, you may chat, voice calls and provides cooking recipe posting site cookpad (Cookpad) or among smart phone users LINE (the line) and also serves as the SNS such as diary posts, sharing and include these services in a kind of social networks.

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