SNS stands for Social Networking Service. There are many websites that fall into this group and they are generally known as social media. On the SNS site, users will create profiles containing their own personal information and photos.

As the name suggests, SNS allows the users to socialize. The relationships that are built in this media can occur because the users have the same hobbies, or similar backgrounds, or because they already have relationships in the real world.

Few examples of SNS are; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, DeviantArt, Reddit, WattPad and many more. Each SNS generally has their own properties and functions which are built on the similarities of their users.


Being Creative in Using Social Media

  1. Create an interesting concept/plan for your post and avoid uploading without any clear plot. Sometimes you also want to post behind-the-scene content about your business / company to keep it both interesting and human. It is highly recommended to use agency to help you create a plan.
  2. Go with the trends. Sometimes a trend will become irrelevant in the future. However, occasionally posting content that follows trends will make your account look attractive.
  3. Use less text and add more images, infographics or videos. As the people of visual, information presented briefly in graphic or short sweet video would strike the heart of viewers and create more engagement.
  4. Try hiring influencer to leverage your presence and brand awareness. The impact given by the influencers could give a significant result. However, you need to hire wisely. Pick a right one after making sure the source of their followers.

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