Search Engine

Search Engine is a program specifically designed to find and identify information on the Internet in the form of web pages, websites, pictures, news, videos and so on. The search results are based on the keywords entered by the user. In order for the results to be truly relevant and useful, search engines will sort the list of search results based on a certain algorithm. All information obtained from these searches will be displayed on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The better the search engines work, the more relevant the information will be.

Some examples of search engines:

Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Yahoo, Baidu, and so on.


Search engines work in 3 main stages:

1. Crawling – the process of collecting data to be stored in the database

2. Indexing – grouping information according to the same category to make it easier to display search results in SERP. The categorization includes language, location, etc.

3. Ranking – display search results in order to display the best and most relevant results on the first page


Here are Google search engine tips and tricks you need to know:

1. Use longer keyword phrases to avoid thousands of irrelevant results

2. Block junk sites using the “Advanced Search” functions

3. Search an image with an image by using the camera button to add the image to your search bar

4. Excluding irrelevant words by using – symbol before the word or click “Advanced Search” function

5. Google lets you automatically include synonyms and similar search terms using the ~ symbol

6. Google can help you to crawl search result from one specific website. Simply add “site:” and the name of the site



So, you want to develop a website that can easily crawled by search engine? Yup, you are on the right website.

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