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Search engine (English: search engine, search engine) is the ability to search for information in the narrow sense exists on the Internet (Web pages, websites, images, news, and so on) and the program. Website for that portal site called search engine website itself was available as a search Internet promotion early on, but now, joined a variety of services, as one of the service providing search called search site simply are gone. Including the overall system in the broad sense, not limited to the Internet and retrieve information. Narrow search engine robot type search engine, directory-based search engines, meta search engines, classified. There are software (full-text search system) with full text search capabilities within certain websites as a broadly-defined search engines, text information etc. Search engines what to search, enter a keyword in the box called Windows search, full text search is possible and impossible. Search site called search engine in General, but strictly in search engines search the site itself is not.

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