Social Media

That the media containing the social elements such as information distribution of information media social media and deployed on the Internet the information through personal and interpersonal communication, relationship. Old bulletin board system (BBS) and the blog recently, as term elements produce the content information of users or between users of the Web site and Internet services may include buyer ratings section of Wiki, SNS, microblogging, social bookmarking, podcasting and video sharing site, video delivery service, shopping site. Traditional mass media in the dissemination of information is an enormous facility or organization, or large sums of money needed for the status of the sender of the information is occupied by a privileged few who are in the social media media viewers at the same time as qualified and to transmit free information at your own risk of other users; In addition, may select or mass duplicate uniformly the same information to the general public, have been delivered to and in social media from a transmitter of diverse visitors themselves need sources, relationships such as friends, colleagues and like-minded people who use and control the flow of information is provided.

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