The subscription, subscription, subscription fees, membership fees, donations (gold), investment (gold), applicants, English words have application, subscription, signature, the meaning of such consent. It has meaning such as periodical subscription of magazines etc. In the field of IT, based on this meaning, it often refers to subscription to a membership system or sales method of software that renews usage rights on a regular basis. For such as membership services and equipment maintenance contracts, that subscription to buy the right to use for a certain period of time. Also, as a charging method for services, there is also a case called fixed subscription that you can use for a while during the contract period, as opposed to the fee every time. Purchase Software Subscription Traditionally, sales of software are sold out (selling out) like the sale of equipment, and once paying a fee at the time of purchase (about that version) it was the main method that can be used permanently. In recent years, selling only the right to use the same as a certain period of time with the service, is spreading is a method of updating this in the case of continuous use. Such a sales method is called a subscription method. Even if such type of software has already been installed in the computer, it will not be able to start automatically if the contract expires after the expiration date has expired.

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