UI is an abbreviation for User Interface (user interface), which refers to the operation screen and operation method of the device and software that the user and the computer touches when exchanging information. For hardware, the keyboard, mouse, display, etc. refer to this, and in software software operation such as menus, icons and windows on the screen corresponds to this. In the UI, there are Character User Interface (CUI) which is an interface which operates on a character basis, and GUI (Graphical User Interface) which has a graphic-based operation system. Because UI combines various detailed elements, such as information display and input method, and reaction when user inputs information, it creates operational feeling (ease of use) of the product and service, so UI is extremely It can be said that it is an important point. However, in the field of development, technicians with professional skills regarding UI are in short supply, and recognition of importance is on the rise, so nowadays, there is a strong employment need of recruitment needs.

Video What is UX, User Experience?