Abbreviation for Virtual Reality (virtual reality / virtual reality). A technology that allows you to experience the virtual world created by computers as if it were a real world. In order to experience this technique, it is often necessary to wear a goggle type device called a head mount display (HMD) on the head. HMD includes “”Oculus Rift (oculus lift)”” developed by Oculus VR (Oculus buoyar) company affiliated with facebook Samsung’s “”GearVR”” etc. There are dozens kinds of products. In October 2016, Sony plans to launch “”PlayStaionVR”” which is a new product of the company’s game machine “”PlayStaion”” and is compatible with VR. Also, at the same time, smartphones and HMDs compatible with Google’s new VR technology “”DayDream”” are scheduled to appear. In VR using HMD, a virtual space different from the space where you currently exist appears at 360 degrees, upside down, left and right according to the orientation of the face. Also, various sensors provided in the HMD measure movement, tilt, etc., move in a virtual space with depth, the object in front of you really comes close, or it really becomes touched You can have a realistic experience. In addition, in HMD and the like compatible with VR, there are others that can simulate not only general games such as action games and role playing games (RPG) but also underwater and jungle. Furthermore, VR is used not only in the genre of amusement but also in the business field. For example, real estate companies and housing makers have made it possible to experience properties under construction and before construction in VR. In these VRs, not only can we confirm the height of the ceiling and the arrangement of furniture in a state close to the reality, but also the point that we can confirm the difference in sunshine by time and season in advance.

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