Viral Marketing

Viral marketing and Word of mouth about products and services purposely spread, low-cost and efficient acquisition of product announcements and customer marketing method. “”Viral”” is “”on”” and likened to virus infection and growth mechanism, in the sense of product information is transmitted through the grapevine. Mechanisms in viral marketing to existing customers and celebrities, including our products and others introduces the like the advertised indirectly. In embedded systems, such as Internet messaging services such as product itself acquaintance invited want to become like that form, such as “”1: viral marketing””, introducing the campaign and some convenience products directly to request a reward (incentive) scheme called “”secondary viral marketing””. Swamped with direct control was able to announce the product to prospective customers efficiently and at low cost viral marketing will hopefully spread ill word of mouth company it is difficult for the more than expected or suspend the service as more people are looking for incentives, adversely affect the cost-effectiveness, such as failure occur. Also, has been criticized as an act of deceiving consumers and used methods such as hiding that the celebrity publicity, to introduce a product on my blog.