Disclosure of documents and the Web used as standard on the Internet and browsing system. Integrated document, such as text, images, video on the net publishing and distribution can also it available and browse to the. A kind of system is called a hyper-text can embed a reference to another document in the document. that looks like a complex spider’s Web to illustrate the connection between a large hypertext documents, meaning Spider Web as “”web”” and called like this. Which is a basic unit of information in a Web page (Web page, Web pages), that are written in languages such as HTML and CSS. Reference information (links, hyperlinks) represents the location of another page, and references to the character information to configure the document to this and put the page in the structure, such as headings, paragraphs, tables, element size, alignment and color appearance, displaying images, audio and video, such as non-relevant external information, such as that described. Sites (Web sites, Web sites) that aggregates of multiple interrelated set of pages. Web client (web client) is called Web server (web server) and published information on the Web, computer and software, and receive information from the server, use the computer or software. Web browser (web browser) is particularly used to format the contents of a Web page out of the Web client, and then displayed on the screen, browse man pages. Called HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to communicate between client and server communications protocols (Protocol) is used as standard. That includes not only public static documents and browse HTML and HTTP, and accepts input from the user, sends to the server. WebApplication (web application) or Web service (web service) that act as interactive software, generate document dynamically based on user input using this Web page or Web site. Stuff around the Web the Internet yet academic institutions mainly were used in 1989, conceived as Office paper publishing and browsing system the European nuclear physics laboratory (CERN) Tim Berners (Tim Berners Lee) is based. A spread in 1990 at Internet is open to the public, via e-mail, along with central systems of the Internet widely used as as became.