Web Designer

Web page designing beautiful and functional, and just say “”Web Designer”” is one of the basic job of the Web Designer. Perhaps the most common design business as Web designers to imagine ordinary people work. Web page design for the graphics software Illustrator (Illustrator), Photoshop (Photoshop) and Fireworks (where) the name is common. Web designers use these soft, well, we’ll design a Web page. Specifically, includes determining the colors, logo, icons, anime, pictures of, or lay them out beautifully. Once the final design is so-called image data such as Illustrator and Fireworks. Have the need to render is not suitable for the Web, so that image data to Web pages and to be seen. Collectively their work, and “”coding””. Basic coding is done by CSS and HTML (acitihetmel) later. Letter came out of nowhere, so beginners may have puzzled. However, HTML and CSS with what abbreviations what does it mean?, is it OK if I don’t understand at the moment. Can you supplement a rough feel.